Our partnership was established in 1996 with offices in New York and Tokyo. Our projects range in type and size from small residential works to large scale urban interventions. This wide variety of projects has allowed us to work with many types of programs and clients. We have developed innovative uses of under-utilized materials for private residences as well as large scale institutions that change the urban character of the city.

Our working relationship started during the construction of the Tokyo International Forum, a cultural complex in Tokyo. Since that time we have been working and traveling together, between offices in New York and Tokyo. Through our work we strive to understand the differences and similarities of perception, materiality and space between western and eastern culture.  > next page


私たちは東京国際フォーラムの建設で知り合い、それ以来、日本とアメリカを行ったり来たりしています。建築のデザインを通して、いつも東洋と西洋で物と空間に対する観念や認識の違いに気づかされます。その一方で逆に同じ部分があるのにも驚かされます。私たちは単に東洋と西洋の出会い、混合といったレベルを越えて、より深い部分でインスパイアされたいと思っています。  >次ページへ