Folding Art

The patterns for these works must have mathematical rules behind them that define the physical manipulation of the material. These rules are abstract, but they become visible in the folded pieces. In other words, the abstract becomes physical. Folding reflects the structure of space.

We have been familiar with analogies and associations to understand the universe, but they are all based on our imagination, which indirectly represents the idea. The folding “art” is too small and too simple to explain the structure of the universe, but it opens a small window into the essence of the universe, embodied in the three dimensional folded paper.

There is a sense of beauty that exists outside of our five senses that mathematicians and physicists feel in theories and their formulae. Quite often they have the opportunity to exclaim “wow, this is beautiful!!”. This sense is not related to something that is visible so it is not easy to share it, but is it really impossible to understand this beauty? This is my question and why I design these patterns, believing that the art of folding can provide a route into directly comprehending this beautiful world.


フォーディング アート