In today’s world the easy access to the wealth of data available on the internet forces us to reconsider the function of a library. There is an unlimited amount of information and research information that can call up on your mobile device, you can download full copies of books and read them in train. The printed book may possibly be extinct someday in future. This competition investigates what role libraries should take in the future. The internet gives wide and shallow information but does not encourage deep thinking and deep discussion with others. This understanding may give us a hint for this question. Our proposal for the library of this new era is: Create open space for active and wide ranging reading, spaces for the casual surfing of information that leads to inspiration. Provide active platforms which encourage people meet and exchange ideas. Provide closed quiet spaces for contemplation and deep thinking on a contrary. The first floor is open and transparent space and became contentious to the front and rear park. It became a extension of city. People walking on the street and people entering to the library will peep ongoing lectures and class room. The third and second floors are as if flying back and force in the tall double ceiling height space, generating a undeserved transparency and allowing people move around spontaneously. At the basement which is protected from interference, archive space is located under the grass mounds. This space works like a quiet monastic space to turn inwards. People can study long hours with comfort and concentration without disturbance.