The natural timber from the forest with its organic shape is the inspiration for this wood shop. The timber has been left uncut, in its pure form so that the structure utilizes the natural strength and beauty of the wood.

To keep the sense of nature and reflect the woodland setting, a structure that utilizes the nature of the material and the character of the Japanese forest rather than an urban house was developed. The structure is not composed of beams and columns; instead the tapered shape of the logs acts as both finish and structure. This tapered shape creates a naturally sloped form.

The wood shop will be a part of an existing complex of buildings nestled within the Eihme woods, it must respond to the exist buildings of the campus, as well as the beautiful forest that surrounds it.

The wood shop is also a functioning work space that will provide a safe enclosed area as well as a warm and cozy place for relaxing and reflecting on the beauty of the surrounding forest.



愛媛大学 演習林工房, 愛媛