The Fukuju residence is situated on a corner site in a dense urban residential area in Tokushima. The house is designed to maximize the site area, providing outdoor and indoor living spaces. It also provides a distinctive home in a transitional neighborhood.

The compact cubic form allows for the introduction of an exterior deck and 2 exterior parking spaces. To emphasize this platonic shape 2 types of formed steel cladding were used, providing a textured surface while maintaining the solidity of the form. The windows are designed to provide privacy from the busy urban streets, and introduce a variety of lighted walls and framed views that expand the interior rooms.

A linear translucent storage element links the interior and exterior living spaces, providing privacy for the exterior living areas and creating a formal entry. The living area was designed to accommodate a large Girl’s Day doll display that is also stored in the house. A rolling tatami platform in the living room acts as a movable Japanese style room.

The exterior form recalls the geometry of the traditional urban Japanese houses with their cubic proportions, while the modern materials and open interior spaces reflect the contemporary lifestyle of the clients.