This is a project to renovate an existing historic theater into a complex of immersive entertainment spaces. The site is located right in the heart of Broadway among hundreds of musical theaters. Preserving its historical façade was a given condition.


We proposed that visitors experience the transition from the Gothic world of the preserved theater which will serve as shops to the futuristic world utilizing new technology on newly added floors. Within the Gothic world you can almost touch the history, visitors are close enough to touch the ornamented walls and ceilings. As shoppers make their way to the theater they browse through the shop and are taken through the existing fly tower up to a screened view of the intense world of 42nd Street. At the end of the show you meander back to the bustle of the street. You fully enjoy the transition.


From the street a series of glass screens act as signage as well as a window into the immersive new theaters. At night the lighted lobby spaces will announce the activity-the screen will reflect or reveal. The facade will be constantly changing. The glass screens act as an over scaled modern billboard that can have images projected onto it. The vertically stacked lobby spaces behind the glass screen merge with the projected images. This strategy allows light to filter to the street. The theaters are by their nature introverted spaces but can be given selected views of the extroverted world of Times Square.





私たちの提案は 2つの近未来的な新ホールを屋上の上に積み上げ、かつての観客席の場所に新しい階を塔のように設けることである。新ホールへの入場経路はビクトリア調の装飾をされたかつての舞台の真中から急上昇するようにして劇的なアプローチにすることである。かつては遠くから見るしかなかった天井や高い壁の古い装飾の間近を通るようにして歴史を手に触れられるようにする。観客は古さと新しさのタイムトンネルを体験することになる。この塔にはキャラクター商品や劇場グッズを売るショップが設けられて、観客は必ずこのモールの中を通るようになり、ショッピングが促される。