This shop is a well known tea company  which sells tea leaves and traditional sweets. It is located on a commercial street adjacent to the local train station, a 30 minute train ride from the center of Tokyo.The tea shop respects the original residential nature of the area while reinforcing the street line providing interest for pedestrians.

The footprint of the building is a 24 square meters (a total of 260 square feet), 12 square meters of renovation and 12 square meters of new space. This includes a kitchen for the production of sweets and a restroom. The presence of the building is established by maximizing the front façade and the volume of the shop. The form is clad with inexpensive industrial materials: corrugated plastic translucent screen and corrugated metal which create a continuous exterior finish.

The intrinsic nature of Japanese design is reflected in the building in the 3 dimensional proportions of the space, the use of intersecting planes and the composition of the surfaces.