This project is a renovation of an existing office space for an artist of international renown.  The program includes a studio and exhibition space for her art work, a conference and meeting room, and offices for herself and her assistants.

The site is located on the top floor of an historic Chelsea office building. Visitors are introduced to the exhibition area through a corridor, and then face a spectacular unobstructed view of the New York skyline. Although this view is why the site was chosen, the windows extend the full length of the exhibition space and can distract from the concentration required for the art works.


We proposed fabric mesh screens to diffuse the light from the windows and mask the view.  This created a sense of enclosure and focus for the studio exhibits. The screens and minimalist palette provide a background for the artist’s work. The surrealistic misty view reminds visitors of their location in the heart of midtown and quietly suggests a unique relationship between the art and its location in the New York City art world. 




場所はニューヨークのチェルシーのオフィスビルの最上階にある。入り口から続く廊下を経て展示空間に案内されてると、人はそこでニューヨークのすばらしいスカイラインの眺望に対面する。この場所がアトリエに選ばれた理由である。しかし、この眺望をもたらす窓が、展示空間の全長に渡っているため, 展示される作品への集中を散漫にするおそれが感じられた。