This new 13 story boutique hotel and condominium residence is located near the Vegas strip. The building is designed to not only provide great hospitality to those who love to gamble but also to provide a great base for nature and culture lovers. Views of the surrounding mountains and the desert are maximized from each suite; the sunset will give guests a spectacular daily display.  

Although maximizing the window size for views, the building is also designed to be energy conscious.  Interior and exterior shading devices prevent heat conduction and the building's massing provides shade for the gardens. Water consumption is also addressed, including the choice of water saving vernacular plants which save water in this climate.

Two voids provide views through the building, and shaded exterior rooms that are used for leisure spaces, a library and garden that work as buffers between hotel rooms and residences. 




ラスベガスの ホテル

このプロジェクトは ラスベガスの新しい中心部分に新築される13階建て、床面積20000㎡のブティックホテル + コンドミニアムである。この建物はギャンブルに出かけるのに最適な宿泊場所を提供するのはもちろんのこと、文化と自然の愛好家のホームベースとなることが企画された。大きく取られた窓からは周りの山々や砂漠の眺めが飛び込んでくる。ここからの落日の瞬間は大スペクタクルとなる。