The competition brief called for a proposal to enliven and enrich the downtown core of Winnipeg Canada, a common urban theme in North American Cities. This crossing is also the traditional entry to the Canadian west, it captures the wide-open spaces of the Canadian prairies with their endless horizon line, as well as the spires of commerce.

Our proposal calls for a new type of plaza; composed of 3-dimensional overlapping rings, creating a vertical urban hub for the city. Conical skylights mark the circular route of the concourse below forming a polka dotted arcade, the shadows of cars above crisscross the space. At the street level a series of open green spaces and sunken gardens form light filled forecourts to the buildings and entries to the below grade concourse. A tilted arc hovers above acting as an Æloian Harp making the wind audible to those crossing below. It’s gleaming surface defines the pedestrian street crossing and disperses the snow. Groves of trees break the wind and define the edges of the pedestrian zone. The concourse is entered through sun filled open cafés that provide the delicious ability to dine next to the busiest intersection of the city in a green and sunny spot, aware of the energy of the city but removed from it. Pedestrians can now traverse the crossing watching the cars fly by overhead, conscious of the sky above, or at grade level surrounded by the spires of commerce. As darkness falls the 3 levels of the plaza begin to glow; the ring above shimmers with diffuse light, the illuminated glass platforms encircle the streets and the celestial pattern of polka dots mark the path of the pedestrians below.

This proposal placed third in the open international competition.


ウィニペグ シティークロッシング国際コンペ

カナダの中央、ウィニペグ市は、北アメリカ共通の課題である“中心地を活気づけ, より豊かな街”にするための提案を世界に募集した。プロジェクトの場所は市の中央にある大交差点である。 ここは“西部”への入り口であった歴史的に重要な場所、そして無限に続く地平線のプレーリーと高層ビルの接点である。われわれの提案は街の様々な活動の結節点となるよう、この交差点を重層するリングで構成して3次元的なプラザにしようというものである。