In the town of Kahoku, located on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan we proposed a new  landscape. The 2.5 acre site is located on small terraced valleys which used to yield rice. The existing gallery was built to exhibit local products and present the culture of the town.

The  existing ground plane was preserved, and augmented with a series of paths and ponds. A new layer of planting was superimposed on the existing topographical history of the site, floating independently above the ground. Unlike the traditional garden which expands horizontally borrowing views of the surrounding countryside, in this new garden the spaces open vertically to the sky. Rows of blossoms form a canopy that is constantly changing, parting to reveal the views above. These new scenes emerge one after the other, as the paths pass through the liner planting. The simplicity of the spaces reinforces the natural beauty of each individual element.   

The varying height of the trees, the  low bushes, the seasonal changes of the foliage, all perform together in an elaborate interplay of visible and invisible, hidden and revealed.



河北町 公園



様々な高さの植栽、足元の透けている木々、足元を隠す潅木たち、落葉した木々、これらがお互いに 様々な見え隠れを演じ続ける。夜には、植栽層は足元の照明によって照らされ、巨大な照明機具と化す。