In Seattle 24km 4 lane floating bridge made of 33 floating concrete pontoons connects downtown Seattle with Washington Island. The bridge will be decommissioned in 2014 and a competition was held to ruse the existing infrastructure. Our proposal calls for transporting the pontoons to Puget Sound and utilizing them to generate electric energy from the force of gravity. The pantones are divided into two branches and the water in between is separating from the cold water below with a large membrane and warmed by the sun. The shore of Lake Washington divided into private properties and there is little pubic shore left, on the other hand Puget Sound is still open to the public, but the water is too cold to enjoy beach life even in the summer. Our proposal is to provide a public water front beach with the relocated floating bridge. This Energy Beach generates electricity utilizing the lunar energy and heats the water utilizing solar energy. The Energy Beach is designed to take advantage of the sun and the moon together


Calculation of Power Generated

Volume above the water level

--3mx70mx18.6m x103x33 pantones=1.29 x100000000 m3


--9.8 x 1.29 x 100000000kg = 1.26 x 1000000kN

Potential energy between low tide and high tide

--2.5 m x buoyancy =3.15 x 1000000kJ

Electric energy (90 % efficiency) generated twice a day

--3.15 x 1000000kJ x 0.9 x 2 = 57000000kJ

The system will utilize a computer controlled height synchronizing system to align the pontoons. The electrical generator has a speed increasing mechanism to transfer the force of lifting to rotation.








---3mx70mx18.6m x103x33個=1.29 x100000000 m3


-- 9.8 x 1.29 x 100000000kg = 1.26 x 1000000kN


--9.8 x 1.29 x 100000000kg = 1.26 x 1000000kN

発電量 (90 % 効率) 一日二回の干満

--3.15 x 1000000kJ x 0.9 x 2 = 57000000kJ